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Computer Service in Gokhale Marg

Nothing is more frustrating than something not working when you need it most. Doesn't it seem like your computer always needs repair at the worst times? Perhaps your final paper is due for a class or you simply can't do the work you need to - whatever the case, getting your PC repaired is essential.

Many technicians in the computer industry charge a flat rate (or several hours of time) to perform a "tune up" on your PC and will tell you that they've repaired it. This is seldom the best way to approach your problem and will not prevent the problem from coming again. The reality is that spyware removal, disk drive defragmentation, virus removal and definition updates, etc. are only temporary solutions if not coupled with completely securing your computer.

PCs running any version of Windows need frequent maintenance and updating, especially if connected to an always-on broadband connection. New vulnerabilities are always found and patched. Keeping your computer up-to-date with service packs and critical updates should be a priority to any computer user.

Provided you are still covered under warranty, and time permitting, a computer user can always ship their machine back to the manufacturer for PC repair. In many ways, of course, the manufacturer is best the best choice for repairing your computer. However, there is often a significant amount of time spent waiting for the return of a computer from a manufacturer.

The truth is that most PCs these days, either from a brand name manufacturer or a no-name brand, can easily be serviced by any capable technician. Parts are generally universal and if not, compatible parts can usually be located quickly.

So who do you turn to when looking to service and repair your computer? Finding a qualified specialist capable of undertaking your PC's repair in a professional, competent and efficient manner can be a difficult task. Let us offer you our assistance.

PC Computer Repair & Support Services

  • PC Technical Support
  • PC Repair / Troubleshooting
  • PC Setup / Installation
  • PC Training / Tutoring
  • System Security Testing
  • Wired / Wireless Networking
  • Hardware Upgrades / Installation
  • Software Upgrades / Installation
  • Operating System Updates
  • Anti-Virus Installation / Removal
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Memory Upgrades

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