Transactional Bulk SMS Service Noida

Transactional Bulk SMS Service in Noida

In Transactional Bulk SMS Service you can send SMS on DND & Non DND both Numbers. This Service also known as Informational Bulk SMS Service or DND Open Route Bulk SMS Service.

Our User Friendly Transactional Online SMS Panel

In this service you can send sms with your own senderid which format is 6 alpha characters only (Like: XX-URNAME, XX-COMPNY). This service is very beneficial for Banks, School, Colleges, Institutions, NGO's, Customised Softwares. You can send sms 24 x 7 in this service.

To availing this service firstly you have take approval of your sms templates or you can whitelist your numbers. You can't send promotional sms through this route.
Our bulk sms software filters Do Not Disturb (NDNC filter - National Do Not Call Registry) numbers before sending messages.

Transactional SMS Features:

  • Six character sender id
  • 24x7 delivery
  • Quick reports
  • Send SMS in English and in many other languages
  • Schedule SMS for future
  • Instant delivery
  • Delivery on DND numbers as well

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