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When compared with other forms of paid media, pay per lead advertising is a form of cost-per-acquisition (CPA) advertising. Instead of paying for impressions or clicks, the “acquisition” is a form submission, sale, subscription, or other conversion that allows the advertiser to capture a lead. The referral partner (advertiser) gets paid for generating a predetermined amount of leads each month for the client. Pay per lead advertising involves a more direct, transparent relationship between the lead and the company generating the leads. Pay per lead marketing is a performance-based marketing program that is based entirely on a mutual agreement for the “per action” fee of our services. Whether you are talking about a pay per call, pay per lead, or pay per sale (or any other model you can name), the general premise of performance-based marketing is that you only pay when we deliver your end action. Typically, this is a pay per lead process where we acquire leads for your business for a set fee. The parameters of that agreement are defined before we ever start working. Lead generation can come from digital marketing channels. For instance, you can get someone’s email through a Google AdWords campaign or you could get someone’s business card at a trade show. Both are examples of leads, and each has unique costs associated with it.

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Marketing builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.


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Apart from the cost savings and guaranteed results associated with Pay Per Lead marketing, your practice will also gain valuable insight into the demographics and online habits of your patients. This information allows you to reach new patients more effectively. It also helps you to decide exactly what a qualified lead looks like, which will help you to adjust landing pages and other components of your website that drive conversions. For example, you will learn who is most likely to become a patient based on what queries they enter into your website’s contact form.

Converting A Lead Into A Customer

The cost of generating a lead is highly variable. Other factors, including targeting, marketing channel, content, and creative can be a huge factor as well. Most online marketers will want to test different creatives across platforms (A/B testing) to gauge effectiveness and optimize campaigns. Whether you can convert B2B SQL’s into customers depends on a variety of factors as well, including your sales marketing funnel, product, pricing, and sales team quality.


  • You pay only got Business Click from users who want to buy.
  • Pay Only For Qualified Leads via Lead Generation Services.
  • Increase Your Business with 50% more benefits.
  • Generate Quality Leads and Track Conversions via Lead Generation Services.
  • Invest Money on Qualified Leads with Targeted Audiences
  • You can increase sales of your products or services as compare to other media.
  • Lead Generation Service is trusted by thousands of business owners around the world.

What Is The Price Per Lead

You get to choose what you want to pay within the price range provided to you. We have a minimum price per lead depending on your industry but you get to decide how much you want to pay on our price scale. The more you are willing to pay for a lead the more leads you will get and the better quality. By allowing you to choose what you want to pay you have complete control over your marketing spend/budget.