Transactional Bulk SMS Service in Kolkata

Transactional Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata

Today's business requirements ask for that you relate rapidly with your customers and that you do so in a manner that is cheaper and more reliable. Rely on us for fast, personalized, scalable, and measurable Transactional Bulk SMS Solutions in Kolkata. If you are new to sending Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata, our Transactional Bulk SMS Service in Kolkata is the best option to start and experience the results first hand. Try our free demo account now in Kolkata Using our software in Kolkata makes your work a lot easier. You do not need to connect any hardware nor do you need to connect a mobile phone to your computer. An Internet connection with internet browser is sufficient to Send Messages in Bulk in Kolkata.

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Advantages of Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata

  • Schedule SMS
  • Group Messaging Campaign
  • UI Friendly Panel
  • Easy and Instant Activation in Kolkata
  • Send SMS with Your Name in Kolkata
  • Send SMS In Multiple Language in Kolkata
  • Reasonable Pricing in Kolkata
  • 99% Delivery Rate in Kolkata
  • Excellent Customer Support in Kolkata

Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata is used only for branding and Promotional Activities. It provides many advantages like cheaper, fast and reliable. Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata is one of the creative ways of promotion in Kolkata. Many enterprises and business sector preferred these SMS for promotion in Kolkata, sales and marketing. Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata are delivering on DND mobile numbers in Kolkata. Transactional SMS in Kolkata is used in various fields like E-commerce, Retail, Sales & services etc. It is used in big promotion, mass campaigning etc. For example- companies promote their product and services via SMS on your mobile phone and you will get new offers through Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata. With the help of Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata you can also send messages on New Year, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday etc. You can send One SMS to thousands of people in Kolkata within second. You will achieve huge goal using these Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata and it is more useful for new entrepreneurs or organisation because it provides a creative platform to grown speedily. Today Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata build own effective importance in the marketing field. Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata is used by many companies and industry for organise own service branding.

Best Transactional Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata

Marketing builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata is easy to use and it is only used for Transactional Activities in Kolkata and it can send on DND mobile numbers. Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata is one of the most popular services in advertising field. Transactional SMS in Kolkata is chooses by all sectors for promote own product or service and other advertising purposes. Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata is used only by Information purpose under the TRAI Rules & Regulations in Kolkata.

Whether you need Brand Promotion in Kolkata, Sales Promotion in Kolkata, customer support, customer acquisition and retention or new product launch; you always want to quickly and efficiently reach the clients spread across the globe. We fulfill the requirement and fortify your business by providing Bulk SMS Tools that make the things pretty simple. Experts say that Transactional Bulk SMS in Kolkata is the most responsive medium of marketing communication today. It is as high as five times more effective as compared to others.

Transactional Bulk SMS Packages in Kolkata

SMS Credits Rate per Credit (Paisa) Amount (INR) Validity
1000 SMS 30 Paisa 300 INR 1 Month
5000 SMS 26 Paisa 1300 INR 1 Month
10000 SMS 24 Paisa 2400 INR 1 Month
25000 SMS 20 Paisa 5000 INR 2 Months
50000 SMS 18 Paisa 9000 INR 3 Months
100000 SMS 16 Paisa 16000 INR 6 Months
500000 SMS 14 Paisa 70000 INR 2 Year
1000000 SMS 12 Paisa 120000 INR Unlimited

Note: 18% GST extra on above pricing.

More than 95% Text Messages in Kolkata are opened by customers, and almost one-third of them respond to it as well. Why lost business opportunity in Kolkata when you have such an efficient tool in hand? Don’t depend on age-old practices when you have swift tools like Transactional Bulk SMS Services in Kolkata offered by us. Whether you need to address the Audience in Kolkata in bulk or not, our services are always the best. We customize the solutions to match your needs and affordability.

Organisations that are using our Transactional Bulk SMS services in Kolkata include :

  • Schools and colleges in Kolkata
  • Training and Coaching Institutes in Kolkata
  • Social and Business Networking Groups in Kolkata
  • Information Technology Companies in Kolkata
  • Financial Services in Kolkata
  • Consumer Services in Kolkata
  • Real Estate Services in Kolkata
  • Small and Medium Scale Industries in Kolkata

We also provide very reliable Transactional Bulk SMS gateways in Kolkata for integration into websites, web applications, online shopping carts, banking solutions, online networking sites, share trading software, and other applications. Our online SMS tool and HTTP API are provided free of cost to our clients backed up by our excellent support team. All you pay for is for the the number of SMS credits you require which in turn depends on your needs.

FAQS about Transactional Bulk SMS Service

What is Transactional Bulk SMS?

Transactional Bulk SMS is a message sent by a brand to prospects and customers informing them about promotions, discounts, and offers. Moreover, ecommerce are widely using Transactional bulk sms services.

How can i send online Transactional Bulk SMS to my registered customers?

Our Transactional Bulk SMS Gateway Online Panel is very easy to use. Just log on to dashboard and there will be two steps. On step one you can enter or copy paste your mobile numbers and in step two you can type your message and click on send sms button to deliver message on your requested mobile numbers.

What Is SMS Credit?

1 SMS Credit = 160 characters including spaces in English. 1 SMS Credit = 66 characters including spaces in other languages. You can send SMS up to 700 characters but credits will be debited respectively as per above.

How can i apply sender name as header of sms?

OfCourse, we support senderid in 6 alphabets. Like VTOUCH as a header of your sms.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! The beauty of our service is that you can cancel anytime you need to — no questions asked.